Friday, September 30, 2016

Multi-Award Winning "H&G" Available to View for Limited Time

We covered this film as it was being made, back in 2013 HERE, knowing with indie film director Danishka Esterhazy at the helm, that it would be a worthy addition to the Hansel and Gretel re-tellings out there when it was complete. Critics and film festivals have confirmed it is, plying the film with multiple awards.

For the coming two weeks - a limited time - you can rent the film online to see it (94 minutes, English and PG), via this website, celebrating excellence in Canadian film making HERE.

From Esterhazy's Instagram account:
My film H&G is featured this week in the Canada Screens VIFF celebration. You can rent H&G for only $1.99 during the sale. There are some great films in this promotion! Visit
(Note for US folk: It's also available on Amazon Prime.)

Might be a good fairy tale film for the coming weekend, don't you think?

Here's the quick synopsis and the trailer below is a must-see:
A girl and boy. Brother and sister. Living in poverty and neglect. Lost in the woods. They see a house, rush toward it… it is magical. Full of good food, soft sheets, love and care. But in this house, danger lurks. And all they have is each other. The Brothers Grimm fairy tale Hansel and Gretel takes a modern neorealist twist in H&G.

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