Saturday, September 24, 2016

InByTheEye Sprinkles Us With "Stardust"

Have you ever felt lost and far from home, wondering if the light inside you is doomed to go out, or if you can nurture it enough to bring magic into unfamiliar places?
Injury from the fall
In the latest photo story from InByTheEye, Director and Producer Lisa Stock has personified this overwhelming feeling of homesickness and 'other' through the character of Neil Gaiman's Yvaine, created for his original, novel-length fairy tale Stardust.
Tending to the wound

This is the second of his works that Gaiman has given Stock permission to explore with his blessing, (the other being a street play interpretation of Snow, Glass, Apples) and seeing her results, you can understand why. While her writing, direction and photography pay lovely tribute to Gaiman's own creations, fittingly expanding their story forms, these works are uniquely her own, and feel at once mythic and personally accessible. This photo series captures the artistic photographic storytelling and mythic world view Stock so naturally employs in all her projects, while bringing to the lens something personal that engages the viewer, bringing worlds and emotions "in by the eye", just as her company name states so succinctly.
A star never stays up so late as the sunrise

Here's her introduction as she debuted her new series:
I'm excited to share my latest photo project, YVAINE - inspired by Neil Gaiman's "Stardust".  This is a photo series that brings the fallen star into the modern world, a story about longing for home, and carrying your own light with you. - Lisa Stock; InByTheEye
At the sign of the Chariot

She also shared a little bit of background in creating the series on her blog. Here's an excerpt:
If there was one fictional character I’d like to catch a glimpse of in the current world, it would be Yvaine from Neil Gaiman’s “Stardust”.  She is a star fallen to Earth and the way she observes our society (and that of Faerie) is refreshing – she speaks her mind, questions what she deems nonsense, and relishes the potential for good in mankind.  Above all, “Stardust” is a story of home, where you come from and where you truly belong. Her fate in the book is different from the film, but I won’t give up any spoilers. I love them both equally, however, my Yvaine is inspired more by the book, and Charles Vess’ gorgeous illustrations of her. 
...With my own pull for home ever present on my mind, I created an Yvaine photo story – Where would I see her and how would she “fit” into my world?
Rest until star-rise

You can read the rest of Lisa's post on bringing Yvaine to life in our world, and her inspiration to do so HERE.

Below is the rest of the series, with our two favorites up next:
The light of the water, the light of home

A visit with her sisters

Remembering home

Shining before the Wall

To see more of Lisa Stock's beautiful magic realist work (and get some special glimpses behind the scenes from time to time) you can view her Instagram HERE and follow her on Twitter HERE. Her Patreon supporters HERE have the best seats in the house, however, with exclusive previews, pre-debut sneak peeks and inside looks that give you a glimpse of the amazing world you can see "InByTheEye". By supporting this Indie filmmaker from as little as a dollar up to $25 per month you guarantee the creation of more magic in the world.

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