Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ask Baba Yaga: Is It Possible To Be Kind Without Expecting Reciprocation?

Jan Pieńkowski
Kindness. Why do people take advantage and walk over you? A better question: what should you do about it? Baba Yaga has some ideas, I'm sure.

Here's today's question and answer (via poet and oracle Taisia Kitaiskaia* of The Hairpin):

(Originally posted at The Hairpin HERE)

Tend to your garden, choose your company. You think that would be obvious. But how do you identify weeds? Is it so bad to see the flowers instead? I've always believed most people have the potential to flower, to show beauty, despite themselves. And isn't a weed, often only a weed because it's not in the right environment? But maybe that's the whole problem. I'm ignoring the essential nature.

This is going to take some re-training...

What do you think of Baba Yaga's advice?

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Thank you Baba Yaga (& Taisia).

Taisia Kitaiskaia is a poet, writer, and Michener Center for Writers fellow. Born in Russia and raised in America, she's had her poems and translations published in Narrative Magazine, Poetry International, and others.

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