Friday, February 13, 2015

Handless Maiden Fairy Tale Weekend Workshop (Sydney, Australia)

Swahili version of the Handless Maiden by Megan KearneyThe One-Handed Girl from the Lilac Fairy Book (text HERE)
(She's currently illustrating a comic/sequential retelling of Beauty & the Beast)

From Belinda Calderone of the Monash Fairy Tale Salon and the AFTS, news of a Fairy Tale Workshop on the theme of The Handless Maiden:

Highly recommended collection of retold fairy tales
(Goodreads link for more info)
The Grimms’ “Das Mädchen ohne Hände” (The Maiden Without Hands) is certainly one of the most disturbing and fascinating fairy tales.There are over a hundred variants, often known as “The Handless Maiden,” “Silver Hands” or “The Armless Maiden.” 
A whole weekend workshop focussing on this tale? Yes, please! 
This beautiful workshop is run by Heather Keens, an experienced individual and family therapist, and Joan Harcourt, an experienced body psychotherapist and group leader. Together they will help attendees explore this rich fairy tale from a Jungian psychological perspective. 
As Keens and Harcourt remind us, “The Handless Maiden is a story about individuation, about developing one’s inner strength, resilience and creativity. It is a story about losing your hands, living with silver hands and finding your hands.” 
The part I love the most is that these inspiring women take this tale of loss and healing, and make it personal to the attendees: “there will be an opportunity to explore your own journey to the conscious feminine and the inner positive masculine in a safe and contained setting. We work through discussion, metaphor and symbol, movement, dream work and art in this process.” 
Sounds incredible! 
This workshop will be of interest to health professionals, counsellors, expressive therapists, storytellers, writers or anyone engaged in their own psychological journey.
The workshop will take place from February 20 through to the 22nd, 2015.

Further details on the workshop times, location and fees can be found in the PDF flier, available to view HERE.

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