Friday, February 6, 2015

JC Penney Cinderella Ad Debuts During Oscars

This glass slipper is made of ice... has anyone told THAT story yet?
I told you it would be hard to escape! JC Penney has joined forces with Disney to bring (yet another) line of Cinderella fashion and merchandise and debuted their ad during the Oscar coverage last night.

Not the most creative of ads but it was sweet nonetheless.

Here 'tis:

Fairy tale bonus of the day:
JC Penney also held design contest for ten fashion school graduates to design a gown for that #CinderellaMoment, something which must have felt like spinning magic out of paper and pencils for those designers (complete with the sweat and hard work) and a royal-like party to celebrate the effort:

(Ten) talented graduate students in the Fashion School of Kent State University (had) under two hours to conjure up a glam outfit-inspired by this wondrous Cinderella ballgown-that was straight off the live-action film's set (eta March 2015)---in homage of the store's collaboration with this modern day take on the timeless tale.

You can see photos from the event and the designs HERE.

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