Saturday, February 7, 2015

Exclusive Cinderella Merchandise Now Available for Pre-Order At Hot Topic

For my fashion conscious readers, Hot Topic has announced a pre-order sale of their new Disney Designer Collection based on the upcoming live action Cinderella movie. At least some of the pieces will be available in stores come February 24th, but like their Maleficent collection, probably not all. (You can look at the pieces in detail and order HERE.)

Though I'm not a fan of what I've seen of the movie to date (apart from Cate Blanchett), I would agree that sometimes the best things to come out of these large productions can be the limited-availability merchandise.
I have to say that lined coat did catch my eye, but what I'd really love is just some of those buttons...

There's a lot of clothing and accessories coming out for this movie, it would seem, so if this is your thing, keep your eyes peeled.

While everything shown here is from Hot Topic, Kohl's will have a line of casual summer dresses for Cinderella too (which might be a little more budget friendly).

You know what I haven't really seen yet, though? Special Cinderella shoes. Maybe they're being saved for an exclusive release later (or will be exclusive to some wedding line somewhere).

Happy hunting fashionistas!

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  1. hi, I am looking for the silver shoes in hot topic line…do you have any idea where to find them?