Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Calling All Writers Who Love To Read!

Our partnership with Timeless Tales has opened up an exciting new opportunity for our readers. We are forming a team of volunteer reviewers, so if you're a fellow fairy tale lover who would like to contribute to this blog (and have the opportunity for a little publicity for your own work), here is how you can apply.

We currently have a team of three regular reviewers and would like to add 2-3 more consistent members to our team and a longer list of intermittent members.  

I have no idea what kind of response this will receive, so consider this an open invite until May 1, 2015 with the possibility of us extending it.


Send an email to Tahlia at 
timelesstalesbookreviews AT gmail DOT com 
with "I want to join the team!" in the subject line. 

Include the following information:

1. Your name and a short paragraph about yourself, focusing on your love of fairytales, your writing background, and what genres you like/dislike reading (so we know what books your most likely to enjoy). Please include links to any blogs or published pieces. Note: you are not required to be previously published to be considered for this position.

2. Are you interested in reviewing ebooks?

3. Do you have an iPad or iPhone? (We have a request at the moment that requires one of these devices) 

By Agata Kawa
General info:
  • When you send us your application info, Tahlia will look it over and if she likes what she sees, she'll send you a review to write as a trial run. With the assignment, you will also receive all our review writing guidelines. If she's happy with what you submit, we will use it on the blog and consider you for further reviews. 
  • This is sadly not a paid position, but we will give you full credit and a bio blurb at the end of the review, including links. 
  • However, you will be allowed to keep any review copies/ARCs of books sent to you.
  • The expected word count for your posts will be 250-500 words (not including the published blurb/synopsis).
  • We will try to be flexible with your schedule, but must have writers who can commit to an agreed-upon deadline. If we send you a request and you choose to pass, that's totally fine. Once a deadline is agreed to and we send you a book, however, we will need you to meet that deadline (usually around a month after we mail you the book). Note: This is particularly important for books about to be released. We aim to support and promote the work of fairy tale authors, and possibly, one day, you too!

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