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AFTS Call For Papers on "Transformations: Spinning Straw into Green and Gold" for the 2015 Conference

by Marianne Stokes (& used/altered part of the header for fairy tale blog Spinning Straw Into Gold)
From The Australian Fairy Tale Society: a call for papers for presentation at the 2015 Conference on Sunday June 21st, 2015 (the Winter Solstice in Australia) .

Due date is now Friday, February 27th, 2015. 

Details are below...

Man, I REALLY want to go hear about all this at the 2015 conference! I will have to hook up a remote listening device..! Luckily, this will be recorded for those of us who can't attend, to catch up afterward.

AFTS: Call for Papers

Odette's Transformation by Poppy Alice
Conference theme:
‘Transformations: spinning straw into green and gold’
Transformation is a key element within the enchanted realm of fairy tale, both within the stories themselves and the history of the genre. The possibilities of change are explored in tales where frogs become princes, boys become swans, and many a poor girl is revealed as a true princess following a trial of courage and endurance. Over time and across cultures universal ideas have wrapped themselves in an array of motifs, shifting to suit their audience, setting, and times while retaining the same underlying truth. How have Red, Cindy and Snow adapted to the Australian climate? Are there fairy tales born of our cultural landscape? What changes and what remains the same in a transformation?

Proposals are invited for presentations on the following fairy tale topics:
Daphne by Arthur Rackham
* cross cultural transformations 
* cross generational transformations 
* cultural appropriation 
* European tales from an Australian perspective 
* oral to written and back again 
* folkloric to academic 
* magical transformations – human / non-human 
* therapeutic – personal transformation through story 
by Kaarina Kaila
* adaption across forms – storytelling, music, dance, film, visual arts, etc 
* personal to public and back again 
* maturation / coming of age 
* changing status 
* objects of transformation 
* myth to fairy tale 
* adapting for audience (age, gender, class, sexual orientation, dis/ability), place, and time 
* curses to blessings 
by Christina Marie Day
Performers are invited to present short works or a taster to showcase longer works.
Artists are invited to exhibit and discuss their work.
Along with academic papers, performance, and exhibitions, we are also seeking panelists.
Presentations will run between 15-30 minutes.
The conference will be recorded, with the permission of presenters, and uploaded to the AFTS website.
by Anne Siems
Please send 100-200 word abstract submissions to: austfairytales@gmail.com

Submissions close 5pm Friday 27th February, and presenters will be announced in March 2015.
Conference tickets will be discounted to $50 for successful applicants.

So, fairy tale lovers. Start spinning those abstracts and stories, and we hope to hear from you soon!
Let the enchantment begin!
The Australian Fairy Tale Society Committee

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