Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CW's Beauty & the Beast Renewed for Season 4 (Before Season 3 Airs!)

I know I'm not the only one scratching my head regarding how this show manages to stay afloat, but it's been announced that Beauty and the Beast will not only return with a full Season Three but has been renewed for a Fourth as well. And all this well before Episode One of the coming season has aired or premiered anywhere!

The fan base, though not immense compared to other popular series shows, is both extremely loyal and very active so that's helped a lot.

In fact, although fans haven't had any new B&tB content for a while now they've been busy raising awareness for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, in honor of one of the main actors of the show having type 1 diabetes. They're working on a book of diabetic-friendly recipes called Beauty & the Feast - something I find fascinating since fairy tale fans will instantly recall how key the meal time is in the literary versions of Beauty and the Beast. (I wonder if the fans are aware of this too?)
It also helps that the big boss at CW reportedly has a personal soft spot for the show as well (it was the main concept he aimed to reboot and return to TV prime time as soon as he "took the CW's reins"). I guess that combination is enough to keep the ball rolling, and will happily employ a lot of good people too.

I admit I lost track of the show last season for a few reasons but I'm curious to see if the current focus on the old fairy tale, as well as Disney's coming remake, has any impact on the writing of the show and the issues it deals with.

If you're a fan and curious about what will happen in Season Three, there have been teasers put out there, many of which you can read about in detail HERE.

Beauty and the Beast returns to the CW on May 21st, 2015 for their third - and definitely not final - season.

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