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Interview: A Visit From "Tales Of Faerie" [1]

"Pardon me, noble sir. I'm truly grateful to you for your hospitality, which was so magnificent that I couldn't imagine that you would be offended by my taking such a little thing as a rose."
(Madame de Villeneuve)
Today I have a treat for you. Knowing that fellow fairy tale blogger, Kristin, of the lovely, thought provoking, Tales Of Faerie, was fast approaching her fifth anniversary since beginning her blog, I asked her a couple of weeks ago if she would mind being interviewed so we could get a little of a behind-the-scenes view of Tales Of Faerie. She graciously said yes, so, knowing her favorite tale is Beauty and the Beast and in anticipation for her visit I've decorated today's space with a few things I hope will make her feel at home on her special day: February 19, 2015. Today!

*hears knock at the door*

I think that's her now...

FTNH: *opens door* Welcome Kristin! And a very Happy Fifth Blog-a-versary to you! *grabs a little potted rosebush, hands it to Kristin* These are for you, for your garden. 

K: Why, thank you! I know it's a little cliche, but roses are indeed my favorite flower, and it's all because of Beauty and the Beast I'm sure...

FTNH:  *ushers her in toward a table for two spread with freshly-made coffee, a fruit platter with clawed feet and mini breakfast cupcakes, topped with little sugar roses* Thank you for the visit - especially on today of all days.

K: This looks amazing! I'm happy to stop by. Tales of Faerie wouldn't be anything like what it is today if it weren't for you and the other fabulous fairy tale bloggers and readers who take the time to share their thoughts!

FTNH:   I know it's early, so let's grab some coffee while we chat. *pours coffee into two demitasse coffee cups * I know you've written a little here and there about TOF but going waaaay back, do you remember the initial inspiration that started you blogging about fairy tales and their study? *adds plate with cupcake on it, next to Kristin's coffee*

K: Well, it all started when Disney's Beauty and the Beast came out. I was pretty young still but I think I was just at the right stage to hook on to a Disney Princess as "my favorite." For years I was obsessed with Belle and it really became part of my identity. As I grew older and started to think about it more I was still proud of the message of the movie overall-from having a Princess who loves to read and spurns unwanted suitors, to the whole aspect of loving someone for who they are on the inside. Eventually I became curious as to the history of the story and did a little digging online, which eventually led me to the SurLaLune site. The more I read the more I wanted to find out!
FTNH: Ah! Another research addict. *raises coffee cup in toast* Do you remember what it was that transitioned you from enjoying fairy tales to dabbling in scholarship?

K: First of all, discovering that there is actually a whole section of the library dedicated to fairy tales and their history was huge for me! I always thought of the nonfiction section as a place you only went to when you had to do research for school, and never something I would do for fun! Once I started reading more about the history of Beauty and the Beast, both in books and online, I discovered the existence of an older tale, by Madame de Villeneuve. I tried getting my hands on it, or at least finding a decent summary, but at the time it was really hard to find details on it. The few people that wrote about it seemed to have contradictory opinions on it. The curiosity to find out more about the elusive Villeneuve version really prompted me to research more. And my search into Beauty and the Beast naturally dovetailed into learning about other fairy tales, which I had always liked, if not quite as obsessively :)
FTNH:  Ah - curiosity! Always takes you down paths you could never have imagined..! I totally approve. *grins* It's one of the reasons I love Tales Of Faerie: you're not only asking questions but always looking to find out more. *serves Kristin another cupcake* Do you have a process for blogging, or studying then blogging?

K: If I have no specific topic or idea in mind, I might just go over to my bookshelf and pull down a book and start flipping through! Usually, though, through following other fairy tale blogs, or through reading I'm already doing, I'll find something that interests me and I think would interest readers. Although at times when I can't seem to think of anything to post about, I've been known to type things into google like "what should I blog about?" Inspiration can come in waves, there are days I just don't want to stop blogging and am so excited about what I learn, and other days when I just want to put more energy into other aspects of my life.
FTNH:  I'm all too familiar with those "wish I could clone myself" days when there seems to be a thousand things to report or write about. I'm just so glad you write as often as you do. As much as I believe in the importance of reporting on news with regard to fairy tales, I do wish I had more time to ponder and discuss ideas I have while I'm information gathering! Tales Of Faerie, gives me the chance to do that - and often! - so I really appreciate your posts giving me that outlet, more than you know as a result (though you may have figured I don't get to discuss the things on my mind too often from often lengthy comments I'll leave every now and then! Sorry about that...) *winces, notices angle of sun* Oh my goodness, the morning is already waning and I'm sure your Beast, er, Prince is missing you. Thank you so much for your visit. I wish we had longer to chat! There are so many things I'd love to ask you...

K: Of course! I'll show you around and we can chat some more. Why don't we meet over at Tales of Faerie at 11 for a tour? We can start with The Parlor Room.

FTNH: Oh my goodness! I'd be honored! Will we be able to see the grounds?  Could I bring some friends too? *to self* What should I wear?

K: Of course! I'll show you around and we can chat some more.

FTNH:  Wonderful! I'll see you at your blog at 11am today!
K:  I should go get things ready then! See you in a bit!

*waves goodbye to Kristin as she gallops off on her horse and goes back inside*

An invitation to Tales Of Faerie! I have to get ready...

If you'd like to join us on this special tour of TOF today, meet us over at Kristin's enchanted blog at 11am today. I'll bring this banner so you can easily follow along:
See you there! *exits in a rush to rifle through closet*

Note: All illustrations used, unless otherwise indicated, are from Kristin's favorite picture book version of Beauty and the Beast, written by Max Eilenberg, Illustrated by the amazing Angela Barrett (2006).

Next stop: TALES OF FAERIE: Parlor Room (Click -Parlor Room- to go straight there...)

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