Wednesday, November 27, 2013

There Will Be 'Snow Queen' References...

For those who are looking forward to Frozen, (which opens everywhere on Thanksgiving.. ie tomorrow), here's a little official announcement that may make it even more fun. Reposted from Disney Concepts & Stuff Tumblr:

Disney has confirmed that they are putting references to Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, the inspiration for Frozen, into the final film. If you want to catch them or you really just like reading the source material before going to see the film, you can read it here. Or if you don’t feel like reading, check out this 1957 Russian Animated Snow Queen (pictured above) and this shorter TV version starring Eartha Kitt as the Snow Queen! 

I am very curious about this. Hopefully by "references" they mean more than "there's a reindeer in this film too" and similar...

Also the blogger, Andy, posted his brief review of the film (a spoiler version and a non-spoilery version) and this (from the non-spoilery version) I thought might be of interest to people who've been following the cultural criticisms.

Frozen was very cultural. When the screen showed something that was written it was in native language when it wasn’t important to the story. You could pinpoint the location the film took inspiration from and was set in, other than Arendelle, and you can tell the crew greatly appreciated the culture. And rosemaling was all over the palace and costumes.
Note: I haven't seen it yet so can't add my comments. I will be watching for both references to The Snow Queen and to the cultural heritage when I get around to it though! Feel free to add your comments, if you have them, but please keep them spoiler free for those who won't be able to see it for a while yet. :)

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