Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ad: Robot Pinocchio Sneaks Gepetto's Car Out For A Spin (But the Nose Knows...)

Well this is interesting. Here we have a modern day Pinocchio and a very tinker-like Gepetto, who. incidentally, doesn't appear at all capable of making anything like Pinocchio (or his car) but it looks like a pretty memorable ad all the same.

The ad is for the Peugeot 208 supermini but I must admit, I'm watching the robot, not the car...

The 21st century boy made of wood is actually a robot made by a scientist. Like Sunny from iRobot, he gains consciousness and wants to experience what it's like to go for a drive in the sexy French car. The 28 gets him all the attention, warming his heart and blushing his little robot cheeks.
After he eyes all the pretty girls and is admired by the fox people, Pinocchio returns home and puts the keys on Gepetto's desk. We don't really get why his nose comes out like that. Did he tell a lie or is he just excited? Either way, it wouldn't be Pinocchio without the nose.
They didn't mention the "awaken your body to new sensations" tag line which puts a different slant on our robot's experiences!

You do have to take a beat at the end to ask "why did the nose pop out then?" And then when it begins to make sense your mind goes to places of "so the car opens you up to the possibility of not good things?" (I mean lying, people!) Maybe they should have called the car an Apple... just to confuse things even more... O.o Heh.
This concept, though - and the visuals - remind me of AI, iRobot even the "Pinocchio in reverse" story of the recent and very lovely little film Robot & Frank (you'll have to watch it to see what I mean but I highly recommend it. You can watch a trailer HERE.) 

This means, of course, that I now feel like going and looking up all the modern Pinocchio's that have appeared in recent years...

However, as far as selling me things goes: a lying robot? I think I'll skip that purchase, no matter how cute he is. ;)

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