Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ad: Veet Naturals' Beanstalk

Two beanstalk ads in one week!

This one is for skin care. The campaign is supposed to focus on two element: surprise and discovery. Apparently if all goes well in using your Veet Naturals beauty routine, your garden should grow beanstalks (surprise!) and you can discover you're in a fairy tale. Or you should end up with skin as smooth as a baby beanstalk leaf. Or something.

Take a look (Note: the ad is in Hindi but you get the idea):

I do see the surprise/discovery concepts relating to a beanstalk. Getting that to relate to smooth skin would be a challenge. Makes for a pretty ad though. Beanstalks almost, always do. Problem is, my brain always says: "And then what? Giants?" I'm guessing they wouldn't be hairy though... ;) I like how they put "creative visualization" in the bottom corner so they can't be liable if you can't make your beanstalk grow as expected. Just to be on the safe side... *eyeroll*

One day someone with a lot of time on their hands will compile a playlist of ads with beanstalks in them and I bet you most of them will be nice or at the least be sending a positive message (you don't generally see beanstalks strangling people as they're growing or breaking up beautiful houses as they explode in their growth for instance). Don't you think it's interesting that the concept of a giant beanstalk is, in society, a highly positive motif, considering the main thing at the top is a giant who wants to eat you? I think I'll put that down to the green growing visuals being such a positive and hopeful force - because we see nature as a good thin in general - which outweighs the inevitable danger.

Kind of a cool thing really. More beanstalks please!

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