Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ad: GEICO's Giant

Not much to say here really, except that the new GEICO ad for Fall (bad pun) makes it look like there's a set-up for a whole slew of sequels in which the giant can do lots of damage that GEICO customers simply don't get stressed about (though it's actually part of a "Brighter Side" campaign).
It does seem as if giants are one of the trope du jour right now (the others being Peter Pan, Neverland and possibly male genies). There's lots in development with regard to giants. Even super hero trends are all about giants of one form or another these days. Looks like the boys tales are taking center stage for the next round - something I don't mind too much with all the princess culture debacles of the past few years. I just wish we didn't have to do either girls OR boys tales.

Fairy tale trend cycles are interesting to take note of and follow. (Has anyone done a chart? I couldn't find one.) Since superheroes, in particular, are the popular focus right now, it's really no surprise that boys tales are gaining popularity again. I wonder if Ivan will make an appearance? It would be a great time to retell some of those tales too.

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