Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book Release: "Aunt Marie's Book of (Grimm) Lore"

It's on the dark side, no doubt about it, but Aunt Marie's Book of Lore is something dark fairy tale fans have been wanting to get their hands on ever since the series premiered. It was just released today (November 12th), and Amazon is having a decent "new listing" sale on them right now at almost 40% off the list price.

It's likely it will be a short print run and quickly become a collector's item (for people who like those sorts of things), but the main thing for fairy tale folk here is the mix of "olde worlde" illustrated legends and folklore regarding different creatures - and not just that but the tales they were involved in too. Some of this is extrapolated from actual fairy tale and folklore, other creatures have been inserted into tales to give them a "creature twist". Either way, it's pretty fascinating stuff and overlaps with myth and legend a lot too.

You probably won't want to keep it on a shelf accessible to young kids but it will be a great addition to your dark tales volumes and legends of all things that go bump in the night.

Here's the blurb:
As his Aunt Marie was dying, Portland homicide Detective Nick Burkhardt discovered he was descended from a long line of Grimms. As well as inheriting the “gift” of Grimm abilities from his aunt of being able to see the creatures’ true forms, she also handed him a collection of useful notes and artifacts, which his family had accumulated down the centuries. Among them was the Book of Lore. A collection of observations about Wesen species, this book records specific Grimm encounters with them, from Volcanalis on the slopes of Vesuvius, Italy, in 79 A.D. to Hexenbiester and Klaustreich in Portland, USA, in 2012. With details of how to identify, fight and – for the more dangerous and powerful – kill them, the information contained here may well mean the difference between life and death for Grimms and Kehrseite-Schlich-Kennen alike. 
This in-universe book explores the monsters, weapons, and potions in "Grimm" with detailed pictures and descriptions. The book is Aunt Marie's recording of the supernatural creatures she and her fellow Grimms have to defeat. 
Inspired by the darker side of the classic Grimm Brothers' fairy tales...

The illustrations look authentic to those shown in the show and vary in style from medieval manuscript pages to roughs notes and drawings. My only wish is that they'd not have photos from the show on the front cover. And that it was a hardcover with battle-scarred and aged pages...We want the "real" book!

But in lieu of that, this should make a nice substitute.

*Source & image previews via Dread Central, additional via SpoilerTV


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  2. Wher can I get that? As I'm from Germany, this might be hard?

    1. I would try amazon - both US site and the German one - but contacting NBC directly (via the official website) should help too. Good luck!