Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Breaking News: First Official Maleficent Poster (& Expecting a Trailer Tomorrow)

New from Disney this morning: the first Maleficent poster. I love the dragon scales on the front of her cap. (By the way, anybody getting Legend flashbacks?) Apparently we should also be seeing the first trailer tomorrow too. (I really hope it's good...)

And here's a little extra news on the Maleficent front (which the poster may help you envision).

Toronto media got a first look at Maleficent footage yesterday morning. Here's a report from TheStar:
Filming Maleficent with lots of blue screen
Angelina Jolie sure knows how to break up a royal christening.
Toronto entertainment media got a sneak peek of Jolie in the title role of the fairy-tale villainess in Maleficent at Disney’s annual holiday press preview at the TIFF Bell Lightbox Monday morning.
In the Maleficent scene screened for press, the vermillion-lipped Jolie strides into a palace chamber sporting black leather-wrapped horns and headpiece, her cheekbones seeming sharp enough to cut glass. A raven is perched on her shoulder,
“Well, well,” she says with a wide grin, interrupting a trio of CGI-created fairies who are bestowing gifts and good wishes on the baby.
Informed by the royal family she’s not invited, Maleficent doesn’t take the snub well, putting the well-known curse on the baby who will grow up to be Sleeping Beauty.
And from an interview with Rick Baker, the make-up artist who worked with Angelina Jolie on creating a look for Maleficent (apparently it was very collaborative):
Maleficent one of the most famous villains in animation, Mistress of all Evil. How was it to bring her to life from the animated icon we all have grown up with?It’s funny I’ve had that task on a number of films, like The Grinch, there are things that you can do in a drawing that you can’t necessarily do in the real world in a movie and this is a really kind of different take on Maleficent too. They didn’t particularly want that. I actually would have loved to have duplicated the Maleficent that we all know and love. But also when you have Angelina Jolie you don’t really wanna cover up that much or do that much. Frankly, I said I don’t think we should do too much of anything to her except for the horns. Angie had some very specific ideas that she wanted and my job was to try and interpret her ideas and put my aesthetic into it and make it work. The makeup that we did I think is cool. Is it what I would have done if I was totally left alone? I don’t think so but every movie is like that. I think the movie is gonna be great!
I'm very much looking forward to the trailer tomorrow. Maleficent is set to hit theaters on May 30, 2014.

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