Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Breaking News: Magnificent "Maleficent" Trailer

It's here! This could be... really quite wonderful. You can see the Disney influence but that's not a bad thing at all. I can see the right age group watching this and falling in love with fairy tales forever.

Take a look:
Ooh those thorns! I have no doubt there will be critics - it's pretty high fantasy - but, again, isn't that why we loved Legend when we first saw it? All the iconic scenes are going to be there and I'm sure we'll get a glimpse of Maleficent-as-dragon in the near future as well.

I'll watch it again a few more times but my first reaction is on the side of "yay". What do you think?


  1. WOW! I am VERY impressed and excited!

  2. I think it looks awesome. I hope the theatrical trailer comes out soon!

  3. Yay! I know it's just a teaser, but I love the first glimpse of it.

    Thanks for keeping us updated on all the fairy tale news.

  4. OOh I shall look forward to this one!