Thursday, October 10, 2013

Update: Fables Game Ep 1 To Drop THIS Friday (ie Tomorrow!)

Bigby & Bufkin checking on Cinderella's credentials in Episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us
Good news for all you Fable fans waiting for the prequel game, The Wolf Among Us: the first episode release has been moved up - way up - to October 11, THIS FRIDAY! (For XBox and PC/Mac. PS3 should follow soon.)

As you're likely aware by now, in this game, you wear Fabletown Sheriff's boots, namely Bigby aka The Big Bad Wolf and all your decisions will matter...

From the official page:
  • Your choices matter – it’s not only WHAT you choose to do that will affect how your story plays out, but WHEN you choose to do it
  • A mature and gritty take on characters from fairytales, legends and folklore who have escaped into our world. These are not the characters you’d see on a little child’s lunchbox.
  • Play as Bigby Wolf – formerly the most feared monster among the Fables, now Sheriff of Fabletown and protector of those he used to hunt. He must restrain the beast within if he is to earn the trust of those around him.
  • Choose Bigby’s actions carefully. Will you approach a situation calmly or unleash your inner rage? The way you act will determine how others respond to you.
  • Set before the events seen in the first issue of the comics – you don’t have to know the characters or the world to play!
If Telltale Games’ Walking Dead series is anything to go by, we can expect The Wolf Among Us to deliver a solid narrative that sits in well as a prequel to the graphic novels, and one where choice and consequence are meaningful. (Additional source)
Happy (early) Friday gamers!

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