Friday, October 4, 2013

Rachel Wise's Cynical (or, in her words, "F'd Up") Fairy Tales

"I think I have some sort of irrational need to mess with childhood stories." ~ R. Wise
Although fairy tale folk won't be new to these concepts, you can bet they're shocking the pants off people who never considered fairy tales could have a dark side outside of the horror genre. I was surprised to see such a strong reaction over at The Mary Sue (a popular geek girls online water cooler) so I thought you should see what's raising eyebrows over there today.

Illustrator Rachel Wise is clearly comics-influenced and to discover she majored in graphic design makes sense. These images are from her Tumblr blog, which is sort of her public sketchbook, and you can find additional dark ever afters for The Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast, Goldilocks and Alice there too. (Note: The Little Mermaid is probably classed as NSFW but the content isn't sexual, just a little nekkid. Just a heads up.)

With her unhappily ever afters have been profiled on The Mary Sue (which is guaranteed insta-fame - at least for a week), I'll be interested to see if Ms. Wise illustrates any more of her twisted fairy tale endings. I hope so.

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