Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Once Upon A Musical? (ABC Orders a New Fairy Tale Musical Comedy Pilot)

Enchanted's Prince Edward
Take some Once Upon A Time, add a (liberal) dash of Alan Menken, grab some Glee fans, a few extra princes and princesses, find an ABC prime time family slot and voila! You have the formula for ABCs next ordered pilot.

And it shall be called "Galavant".

Here's (a mash-up of) the announcement(s):
Galavant is a musical comedy from Dan Fogelman, who created ABC’s The Neighbors—perhaps the most unheralded turnaround story from last season—and also wrote Crazy Stupid Love. Music and lyrics will come from legendary composer Alan Menken and lyricist Glenn Slater. It won’t be the first time the trio works together, as it previously collaborated on Disney's Tangled, as well as a musical episode of The Neighbors.It centers on the handsome Prince Galavant, who is looking to fight for his one true love. Unfortunately, a king stole her and Galavant is out for revenge. (Sources: Variety, AV Club &  Celebrity Cafe)

ABC (and Disney) are going all out in fairy tale rehash land right now. We have Once Upon A Time going to Neverland and new spin-off Once Upon A Time In Wonderland debuting, a live action reboot of Cinderella (spring-boarding off the animated classic by the way), Maleficent being the anti-hero du jour, soon to be followed by Cruella de Vil in the same vein (as confirmed yesterday) and if that goes well I going to predict Ursula as next antihero cap off the rank, considering their brand new villainess cosmetic line - in which Ursula apparently got a hold of some sort of Slim Fast potion... (topic for another day...!)

Bizarre? Yes. Surprising? No.

Since Glee's smashing success, which manages to tap into both popular prime time viewer popularity and geek-extreme fan-bases we've seen musical specials and episodes increase their frequency of appearance. When Nashville proved it could easily holding it's own musical niche on TV, (and Disney suddenly noticed enthusiasm for Enchanted hadn't waned at all but that people were eagerly awaiting news of just when the sequel would be greenlit) it wasn't too surprising that Disney started looking to add a family fairy tale musical project to their slate.

I just don't know if it's going to be truly awesome or truly terrible.

TV writing and production is crazy-fast and musical comedy is one of the hardest genres to successfully write (both in terms of lyrics and music, let alone for a weekly series) but I wish the team luck (a lot of it).

They certainly look like they're going to make a serious go of trying to make this good and if Menken is adding his name you know they're sure this is at least possible to do well (and not ruin his reputation of eight Oscars and counting).

So what do you think?

Could you handle another fairy tale series, a la musical comedy style?


  1. Honestly, no. I'm not sure I can handle another ABC fairy tale series, no matter how they do it. Or maybe, especially how they do it. :)

  2. I don't think I can handle another one either at this point. I am getting a little tired of it and feel as if they are ruining a lot of the classics. I can't stand how corny OUAT is. I just can't watch it without rolling my eyes. I like the concept but the stories are just...weird? Now another Enchanted movie I would love to see and would hope they would travel back to the animated land which reminisces the old Disney movies. I am getting pretty tired of the CGI movies too I find animated requires a lot more art and skill and you get that special "fairy tale feel" to it.

    I am just rambling now...Don't mind me :)