Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hallmark's "The Hunters" Set To Air This Friday, Oct 25 (Wow, That Was Quick!)

Seriously. How long ago did I post an announcement on The Hunters? (Aka Warehouse 13 offspring go hunting fairy tale artifacts - and their parents?)

Answer: less than four months ago. From proposal to air date, that's REALLY quick! Whatever the case, Hallmark's production value is usually pretty good (though it's been a while since I've seen anything from them) and the writing is either very good or not really there at all. Here's hoping it's the former and that it was just a case of the project not being announced until a good script was squared away.

In case you missed the general premise (apart from the quick summary above) fairy tale people were real and they're "things" are "alive and well" - and powerful -  right here, right now. And there's a small group of people dedicated to keeping powerful fairy tale artifacts out of the hands of those who would use them for badness. Think "fairy tale Indiana Jones meets Warehouse 13. With kids." :)
Creating something with enough action and minimal violence to attract tweens, teens and adult audiences is a challenge within itself. The Hallmark Channel's original movie "The Hunters" meets that challenge and then some, providing a fun ride for both young and older viewers. 
"The Hunters," more about growing up with the appreciation of family more than it is jet setting across the globe in search of fairy tale-based artifacts. 
Emmy award nominee and veteran actor Victor Graber plays the former artifact hunter and protector who is hell-bent on using the magical properties of the items to gain power to rule the world. 
The main characters are the Flynn brothers who team up with their parent's assistant to go after shards of the magic mirror of "Snow White" fame in order to find and rescue their parent who went missing after complications on a recent mission.
... Based on the comic book "Mirror, Mirror" by Joshua Williamson, "The Hunters" is a fun, family film that will entertain children and their parents with an open ending leaving room for sequels in the future.  (Source)
You can read the rest of the article from someone who got a preview of the show (and liked it very much) HERE.

Oh and there's a trailer too:
Not quite sure what I think of this. The fairy tale aspects aren't greatly apparent here (apart from the Mirror) and I don't see much evidence of new spins on old tales like the panels included in the blog post HERE, featuring Red Riding Hood tale motifs in a snowy cemetery, but that doesn't mean they're not included. Guess I'll just have to watch. (The things I have to do... *long suffering sigh* lol).

There's an official page with cast interviews, photos and more HERE as well. I haven't seen any acknowledgment from the original author of the comic but maybe the airing snuck up on him too!

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