Monday, October 14, 2013

More on "Galavant" (+ Some Bonus "Princess Bride" Illustrations)

by Sarah Mensinga
Do you remember the announcement on this new TV series I snuck into the blog at the beginning of the month HERE?

The casting call from Disney/ABC has gone out for their fairy tale musical comedy TV series in development, Galavant, and with it, a little more info on the premise.
by Seth Hippen

The show's casting director has begun auditioning actors for series regulars and possible recurring roles, including the title role of Galavant and his true love Madalena. Other roles include Kings and Queens, a Princess, henchman and a squire, among others. The actors are required to have Broadway singing style skills. The show's extras will be hired closer to the beginning of production, which does not have an exact start date yet. 
by Tracie Timmer
by Jeff Victor
"Galavant" is a classic storybook fairytale series that centers on a hero who gives up chasing dragons and saving damsels when the love of his life marries the evil King because she wants his wealth. But when a princess comes seeking his help he takes on the challenge, however she isn't completely honest with him. Two-time Annie Awards nominee Dan Fogelman is executive producing and writing, while Eight-time Academy Award winner Alan Menken will compose the music. Academy Award winner Glenn Slater is writing the lyrics. (Examiner)
by nthornborrow

If you're in LA, have "Broadway singing skills", and interested in auditioning, you can find the details HERE. Also, break a leg!
by RachelAnn Design
In the meantime, and for everyone else, enjoy some Princess Bride illustrations in which a "prince" is kept quite occupied getting his princess back (via a few detours along the way, like becoming a pirate). :) If you haven't read The Princess Bride, do yourself a favor and get a copy (then read it). This is one story where it's worth having the movie AND the book.
by Leslie Ditto

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