Monday, October 21, 2013

"Take Back Halloween" Baba Yaga (& A Request for Some Love for Baba's Oracle Please!)

This new-ish site, Take Back Halloween, was put together for all the girls and women who are tired of dressing up their daughters (and themselves) as sexy-somethings for Halloween and would like a range of non-traditional suggestions (along with tips on how to put together each look).

My favorite of the excellent lot, which includes a lot of historical women and mythic females (along with Persephone, Medusa and the Morrigan) is Baba Yaga (surprise, surprise). You can see the main idea in the image at the head of the post but there is an excellent list of suggestions on how to pull off a Baba Yaga witch-look as opposed to a traditional witch look on the website HERE. (This has me wishing I'd bought that skull necklace I saw in Michael's Craft Supplies a few weeks ago!)
Baba Yaga, Vasilisa & Chicken Legged Hut by Forest Rogers
(the hut features in top image as well)
You could also have a mortar & pestle bottom half, hold a glowing skull lamp... so many variations are possible here. And if you could make your hair (or a wig) like the sculpture's at right... wow!)

And speaking of Baba Yaga, more than a few of you have come to appreciate her even more since she's been generously bestowing advice here regularly (check the "Ask Baba Yaga" tag to see if you've missed any).

The Baba's oracle, Taisia Kitaiskaia, is currently on a well-deserved break so I wanted to ask a special favor of all of you who have appreciated/enjoyed/are-in-awe-of her posts:

With the Baba's reputation being what it is, I'm not surprised that the comments and questions have been on the fewer side (who wants to annoy Baba Yaga?!) but in order to make sure Taisia feels both appreciated for her efforts and remains keen to continue acting as oracle for us, would you please send her a note of appreciation and/or gratitude?

You can post a supportive comment below, add to those at The Hairpin HERE or mail her privately at the following address:
AskBabaYaga AT gmail DOT com
Also, you've had any niggling questions you'd like to ask the Baba, please send those too! The more the merrier. You never know what will inspire Baba Yaga to utter her uncanny wisdom.

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