Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Carrie & Cinderella Have So Much In Common It's Scary

You know what they say about "the eye of the beholder"? Here's a dark twist on that saying that also adds to an interesting tradition people have with finding - and exposing - Disney's dark veins.

So, just in time to give you seasonal/Halloween chills, here is a recut of the trailer for the recent remake of Carrie, mashed-up with footage from Cinderella (created by Cracker76).

It's the dark side of Cinderella, the girl (rather than the fairy tale, of which earlier versions are quite bloody, but not usually* Cinderella herself). This takes a look at what a girl, like Cindy, might turn out like, should her psyche not cope quite as well with her step-mother's "mothering".

It works... Almost a little too well.
Cinderella stands in for Carrie (played by Chloë Grace Moretz), while the evil stepmother is, of course, Carrie’s mom Margaret (Julianne Moore). The mashup makes a surprisingly good case for how the two seemingly disparate heroines are actually quite alike—and suggests a Cinderella story without a happy ending. (Slate)
(Note: there are no horrific visuals. You've seen it all before, just never quite put together like this. If you haven't seen the Carrie trailer, though, be prepared for some screaming. )

Creepy, right? And the creepiest thing is - it makes a good lot of sense. *shudder*

Here are some brief excerpts from a much longer article, explaining why people like to do this:

A dark Disney Princesses lying in wait- by Herr Nilsson
(Exposing a possible dark or twisted theme or interpretation) ...is a common trajectory. At some point, we become a little unnerved by the fact that every other Disney movie kills off a parent (BambiCinderellaThe Lion King, and so on), or we struggle to reconcile fond memories of watching Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid with the sad knowledge that these movies celebrate their leading ladies for having zero agency and screwed up priorities. Or we simply recoil at the eerie cheerfulness of the Disney outlook....Go online and you’ll find any number of Disney characters and films reappropriated for an older, kinkier audiences....Disney films are occasionally violent, and a few feature small splashes of dark and/or sexual content ...but for the most part their squeaky-clean sensibility invites perverse repurposing in a way that less uptight children’s fare—think Looney Tunes—does not. (Slate)
The "Cinderella as Carrie" video has gone viral in the past day or so, so expect your friends to quiz you on why it is that the fairy tale Cinderella didn't quite turn out this (twisted) way. 

(Or did she have control of those doves after all..? O.o )
* Of course, Basile doesn't shirk from including his Cinderella/Zezolla being a murderer..! I wonder if the person who mashed up the kill Bill poster with Cinderella realized this story has been told before?

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