Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advertising: InterfaceFLOR's Once Upon A Tile

"Our latest collections are right on trend so it seemed only natural to promote and showcase them in a way that is equally of the moment.  Modern takes on fables and fairy tales are a major theme this year in movies, social events and design, so we decided to explore this mysterious world and delve into the darker side of some of the best-known children’s fairy tales. The result is a visually stunning, dramatic and edgy backdrop which shows off our new collections to spectacular effect.
Michele Iacovitti, Vice President of Marketing & Branding, InterfaceFLOR EMEAI"

Without doubt, the most intriguing thing about the floors would have to be this ad campaign using well known fairy tales (and their characters) to highlight the floor. 




Beauty & the Beast

 The interesting thing is only one of these fairy tales is usually associated with floors (ie. Cinderella) but I thought they did a very nice job of integrating the idea of Goldilocks ending up on the floor and using Hansel & Gretel's forest path.




Hansel & Gretel

And it actually works. You do find yourself looking at the floor!

Here's a videos from the campaign - also very nicely done.

Source: HERE.


  1. I am enchanted by your magical posts, I share your interest and fascination towards fairy tales and enchanted realms....:)

  2. @unikorna Thank you! I appreciate you commenting so I know what people love to see. Glad you're enjoying the blog. :)