Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NBCs Grimm Gets Picked Up For Whole Season

(From the 2011 ComicCon display)

In case you haven't heard the news, we now have TWO very different fairy tale series to watch through the new year and for the rest of the season. ABCs Once Upon A Time already confirmed a full season's worth of episodes and NBCs Grimm has just had the greenlight to film a full 22 episodes (ie. a full season's worth) as well.

Between two newly airing TV series and multiple projects in production for the big screen, fairy tales are being talked about everywhere right now and that is just awesome. :)

It's inevitable that some of the popular conversations being had and columns currently circulating will make you want to roll your eyes but it's wonderful to see people thinking about the power of stories, their origins, what's considered icky/saccharine/surprising/old/other and what fairy tales really are about after all.

No matter where I stand from week to week on what I think of Once Upon A Time's use of fairy tales vs NBC's Grimm's use (and that does differ per episode of each), I am most excited at how a whole lot of people are cluing into just how relevant the classic tales can be - and the many (also relevant) ways in which they can be interpreted. If I had to choose one show over the other at this point I would find it very difficult - so I'm very glad I don't have to.

What's really important is that I'm truly thankful for the fairy tale bounty (x2!) we are about to receive, direct to our living rooms. :)


  1. This *is* all so exciting! I have to wonder at our habit, as humans, to retreat/indulge/bask(even?) in the world of the Fae and faerie tales as Rome falls once more. I know that these weekly breaks in reality help me forget of the worldly woes, if even for an hour. Then again, I have always loved my stories; since long before I knew the world had troubles.

  2. @Renee of the Fae Well put! I do think the tales help us remember what's important and remind us of basic lessons as individuals and as a society. Whenever disaster happens people turn to stories to both distract and to find their way through. I'm glad it doesn't always have to be so extreme though. I consider myself very fortunate to carry the tales with me through good times and bad.
    So glad you're enjoying the blog!