Friday, November 25, 2011

Red Riding Hood & Other Mythic Work of Beatriz Martin Vidal

Beatriz Martin Vidal is an artist and illustrator from Spain and her portfolio has many unusual and mythic paintings which once seen are hard to forget. I was, of course, immediately drawn to her retelling of Red Riding Hood and to pique your interest I'm inlcuding her captions for the RRH paintings below:

The Girl
First Encounter
Grandma and Wolf
Coming Out The Wolf
Second Wolf

(The link takes you straight to that page in her portfolio.)

I'm only including a few of the illustrations as you really should see them on her site with her captions and amongst her other work to fully appreciate them.She has a lot of other work which is of interest to myth and fairy tale enthusiasts too so take time to browse. You won't be disappointed.

There is a Spanish version of the book available HERE.

I feel I have to include some of her other work to tempt you to go browse her galleries, in case you've already seen her Red Riding Hood series so here are just a few which caught my eye:
This is for The Goose Girl.

This is for a Rusalka tale.

 And this puts me in mind of The Frog King and little girls growing up (with or without their manners... as if they're in a very different sort of finishing school ;)

Coilhouse Magazine + Blog has a wonderful article on Ms. Martin Vidal which I highly recommend (lots of pretty pictures to see there too!).
Please make sure you visit her website HERE and her deviantArt page HERE (LOTS of gorgeous work here). She has a whole series for a book on birds and children too - something which always feels very connected to fairy tales for me.
"Because now you know that some birds are born with wings and other birds have to make wings by themselves. "
(Beatriz Martin Vidal from her book "On Children and Birds")
I'll leave you with this lovely tribute video to her artistry.

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