Saturday, November 26, 2011

Article: Upcoming Fairy-Tale Flicks and Why Movies Are Getting Grimm

Movie still for Hanna

This is an older article (from February this year) but in case you haven't seen it I thought it worth a read, particularly as the TV series of Once Upon A Time and Grimm make this a hot topic at the moment.

It discusses how retelling fairy tales is changing with many recent and upcoming movies as examples.
Here's a quote:
 The reinvention of fairy tales for the movies is nothing new, but this current trend neatly dovetails with the desire to cater to a smart, young female audience with increasing financial clout, an audience that wants stories where our protagonists go into the dark and scary woods and come out the other side as women.
 You can read the whole article HERE.

If you are not familiar with the movie Hanna, you can read this article HERE to see why it's been associated with fairy tales.

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