Monday, November 28, 2011

Fan Art of Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard

This lovely piece of fan art popped up yesterday, showing the dual role and real-world dilemma of Once Upon A Time's Snow White beautifully. I had to share. I'm looking forward to seeing what else people create as a result of this series.
Source: tooyoungtofight


  1. I just watchied the episode with Belle, who is my favorite fairy tale character. Emile de Ravin sucked. She still had an Australian accent. I watched all 6 seasons of LOST when she was Claire. Emile did not look like belle. She is usually blonde. Her face looks nothing like Belle. She did a horrible job and they messed up the story. The othe stories were about right on and I understand that that story has to connect with Storybrook. I just expected more and was let down in the first five minutes of seeing and hearing her. Belle is French, not Australian . Horrible job!!!!!!!!!!! Still love the show though...

  2. This is cool.... are there any others ?