Thursday, November 24, 2011

Matayosi's Fairy Tale Art

This picture of the witch hugging Rapunzel's hair caught my eye and I had to share.

The artist's name is Matayosi but beyond that I  regret I cannot give you much information on this manga artist. Please do, however, go and view her gallery and the blog, both of which have quite a bit of interesting fairy tale and/or myth-based art.

 She also has a small gallery on CGHub which tells us a little more about her and is worth visiting as well. There are a few comments there in English from her regarding the art too which gives a little more insight. For example, in the picture shown above, called The Witch, she was thinking of the story of Snow White. The CGHub gallery also includes an illustration of Alice and another of an eternally asleep Sleeping Beauty.

I just adore the witch's expression in the Rapunzel illustration though. It's hands-down my favorite piece of all. The sentiment so beautifully captured here is something too often forgotten. I'd love to see her tackle some more fairy tales.

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