Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Will Always Find You & Other Graphics of "Once Upon A Time"

This is a beautifully done comparison of Snow White's fairy tale coma versus the her Prince Charming's real-world coma. (Click on image to see full size.) Though the original graphics are from the show, of course, the way of seeing and presenting them is this photographer/journalist's own.

I do so love seeing what the concepts in Once Upon A Time are inspiring and hope the network has no problem with people manipulating these sorts of graphics. Seeing creations like this make me want to revisit the show even more and do a great job of creating further underground interest in the show. Kudos to the "jess"*, the artist for this one.

There are a few lovely blogs now dedicated to Once Upon A Time graphic tributes and gif collections: you can find one HERE and another HERE. I particularly like all the parallel images -the 'mirror concepts, if you will. :)

Here are some random images and gifs that caught my eye:

It appears the gifs are not always appearing in their correct formatting so please click HERE and HERE to see how they were originally placed.

* This artist's blog has quite a number of artfully arranged image captures for different shows. The colors are tweaked and the images cropped according to taste and it all works so beautifully. If you enjoy graphic design this blog is definitely worth a browse. The other two blogs are dedicated to Once Upon A Time and Snow White/Charming - they highlight some of the lovely graphics and photography that's so easy to miss when you're watching the actual show.

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