Monday, October 26, 2009

Snow White's Make-up

Just in time for Halloween (and because I find this a little creepy), here's a make-up tutorial for how to do your face and hair as close as possible to Disney's cartoon Snow White.

Here's an excerpt from what the make-up artist, kandee, posted on her process of creating the look:
I researched the art and painting of Disney...they mixed and created their own colors! The look of the original Snow White: And the Seven Dwarfs, was soft with, bright lips and grey-brown eyeshadow...I tried to replicate it exactly as the art from the movie.
Here's the original:And here's the make-up:Transforming a person into a cartoon (which was one of her aims) will always result in some kind of de-humanization (for want of a better word). Definitely suitable for Halloween.

Go HERE for more pics, tutorial video (which is excellent if you're interested in make-up) aaaand sing-a-long. (Consider yourself warned).


  1. This makes me think of all the "Snow White is corpselike" interpretations of her beauty's description. She does look like a very sweet vampire.

  2. how is this creepy? Is it because of the shade of her skin? It's not nice to say she's scary because of her skin :(

  3. amazing makeup!