Thursday, October 29, 2009

Looking For Something?

"She left behind one of her glass slippers, which the Prince took up most carefully"
From "Cinderilla*; or, The Little Glass Slipper"

Due to increasing requests for archived posts on various topics and tales I thought I should add some search options to Once Upon A Blog.

In the sidebar you'll find two ways of searching:
1) the 'search this blog' box - enter word or topic you're looking for
2) a (large) list/group of tags I've used to label the posts - tags are 'clickable' and will bring up all posts tagged with that label

The tags cover general topics, tales by title, regular features, artists, writers and other 'fairy tale people' and much more. They're a good way to discover things of interest to you.

For book titles or other specific works I suggest using the 'search' function. :)

I hope you find this useful for finding posts and browsing topics of interest!

And if you're looking for something and still can't find it, please feel free to drop me a mail at fairytalenews AT gmail DOT com and ask. I'm not able to get to my mail every day but I will answer as promptly as possible.

New posts are added daily and the topics and tales are steadily growing. There is much to delve into and discover in the world of fairy tale news!
End piece from "The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault"
Illustrated by Harry Clarke

NOTE: *'Cinderilla' is not a typo! It's how the name is spelled in the book the illustration came from.

If you see the file name of the picture above, you'll see it includes Neilsen's name. Please note this is not accurate. The actual artist is Harry Clarke. The illustration is from "The Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault" translated by Robert Samber & J.E. Mansion, with the whole book illustrated by Harry Clarke. Click on the image above to go to the Project Gutenberg page to view the book and see more illustrations.

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