Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Coaches For Modern Day Cinderellas

Heidi posted an awesome seasonal entry on pumpkin coaches and carriages this week on the SurLaLune blog HERE, showing some gorgeous examples of life-sized fairy tales coaches to drool over. Go have a look, then come back...

As a sort of sequel/addendum to that entry, I thought I'd show you some 'coaches' a modern-day Cinderella might use. Perhaps staying away from a bouffant outfit might be the way to go if she wants to get into these vehicles (and out of the ball in one piece):

The FGM (Fairy GodMother) 2005
(Found HERE)

Pumpkin Car by Tuneman
(Found HERE at Motortopia
The fairy godmother may have forgotten the 'meeting Royalty' factor here.)

'Vintage' Pumpkin Car - always classy
(Many dress options with this one though some different curtains would be nice. Found HERE)

Eco-Friendly Superhero Concept Car
(Found HERE - it's powered by bio-diesel fuel and electricity,
both generated by pumpkin seed oil!
The only outfits I can think of to compliment this ride are really only suitable for, well, Halloween.)

The FGM 2005 looks awesome - as long as it comes with the top-up. The last thing you need is to re-do your hair just as you're making your grand entrance. The speedy getaway options throughout are very appealing though.

For some steampunk options, watch for my Steampunk Cinderella entry coming next week!


  1. Wow, the FGM 2005 looks goofier than it looks cool, but the Vintage Pumpkin Car looks very snazzy. The Eco-Friendly Superhero Concept Car looks terrific, and would be a great ride for Cinderella in her Fables spin-off.

  2. I can't wait to show this to my husband, a car nut!

  3. Love the eco-friendly car! I want one!