Monday, October 26, 2009

Red October: Russian Fairy Tale Fashion A Theme on 2009 Fall/Winter Runways

I'm going to call today 'odds 'n' ends Monday' with this being the first post (see note below) in a number of random little fairy tale related things I found in the last week.


To kick things off, here's some lovely fairy tale-type fashion from Russia which reminds me of some Vasilissa illustrations I've seen (the clothing, not the model attitude).

Apparently, Russian fairy tale style fashion influence was a recurring theme on the premier runways for the 2009 Fall/ Winter season. (Found at the UK Telegraph. You can find descriptions of the clothing HERE.)

I also found an article and a video on the fashion series for you. This article talks about the influences and approach of the fashion creator and stylist (which included a matriochka doll as he was starting his Russian style showings this past year). Here's an excerpt:

But fashion would not be the weird and wonderful world it most certainly is without some fairytale element to delight, astound or even just amuse us. This winter the fantasy revolves around a romanticised Russia; land of the firebird, the sugarplum fairy, Zara, Dr Zhivago and Anastacia. Not since Yves Saint Laurent based a collection upon the Ballets Russes more than thirty years ago, has fashion so fallen under the Soviet spell.
You can read more HERE.

Here's the video, which is a beautiful little piece to watch, even if fashion isn't of huge interest to you:

Some lovely inspiration. I'm ready to write a Russian fairy tale now. :)


  1. Too beautiful! What a wouldn't give to be a fairytale girl... Thanks for the lovely post.

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