Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Grimm Fairytale Ball" in LA on October 30th

Celebrating Halloween Grimm-style in Los Angeles this year is The Grimm Fairytale Ball - open to everyone over 21 (and costumes are encouraged).From their ad:
Once Upon A Midnight Dreary...
Little boys and little girls stepped onto pages seeped with shadowy ink and maddening dreams, passed through contorted reflections of reflecting brass, gripped breathlessly to groundshards or towering fauna surpassing clouds, titans, and perhaps even gods. Once upon a time, little boys and little girls were haunted, desired, fooled, fought, danced, puzzled, poisened, hunted, lost, and eaten in parables far different than the happy tales with happy endings for happy children today...
Entry is $10 with an RSVP or $20 without. This is one Halloween option for those who prefer the dark side of fairy tales. Complimentary candid club photography provided by Violet Photography - no personal cameras allowed (!).

You can find the details HERE.

PS The LA Weekly is booked to do a write-up on the event so be prepared for at least one reporter and a possibly a newspaper camera too.

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