Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hansel and Gretel and A Taco Stand

Hansel & Gretel overhear the plan to leave them in the wood

Today's artwork is from a similar project to the animation student posted on Monday HERE.

Gino Whitehall is now a working professional in design and illustration. The Hansel and Gretel project is from his final couple of years while studying at the prestigious Art Center College of Design and is included in his current professional portfolio.

Here you can see more concept sketches and how they developed into the final pieces.I like seeing how he translated the traditional witch's house into a Taco Stand. (From the description on his blog: "evolution of the witches house from a loose frank loyd wright inspiration to a taco stand... ") Notice the "Kids Eat Free" sign, which I can't help mentally switching around into "Eat Free Kids"...I particularly like how the witch gets her comeuppance.You can see more of Gino Whitehall's work HERE in his blog or HERE at his website,

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