Monday, September 28, 2009

Classic Tales 2010 Calendar by Pedro Bascon

Illustrator Pedro Bascon is busy painting his own versions of some fairy and folktales for a 2010 calendar.

I haven't seen a collection quite like this on a fairy tale theme and find that the strong design approach brings a new perspective and emphasis to aspects of the tale/s one may not normally think of.

I love the simple but strong designs. It's not as easy to achieve as one might think. Pedro's work in using a forced 'canvas size' for the design is very pleasing to the eye and communicates the tales instantly - yet there's more to see if you look closely too. It's always interesting to see what results when you put restrictions on a creative work.

You can view some close ups of the pieces by going to his sample page HERE.

You can also find out more about Pedro HERE and contact him directly to ask how to purchase a calendar if you're interested (he's very nice and approachable!).

He is currently investigating how to make his calendar available in the US (his contact details are all on his home page HERE).

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