Friday, September 4, 2009

Cabinet des Fées Fairy Tale Journal Issue #8 is Live

The September 2009 issue (#8) of fairy tale journal "Cabinet des Fées" is now live online.

If you're not familiar with this journal you'll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of offerings and new fairy tale based works in these collections.

Rather than try to describe the content, I'll quote from their website:

Cabinet des Fées is an online journal begun in 2005 as a result of our love of fairy tales in all of their manifestations. We’ve seen two issues in print with a third on the way, but now are online only. Scheherezade’s Bequest is our tri-annual offering of fiction and poetry. We keep our editorials and announcements, plus other news we come across that we think our readers might appreciate in Our Grim(m)oire, where you’ll find Storytellers, live readings of the fantastic in literature. We also present essays from and interviews with respected authors, editors, scholars and other assorted personalities in the fields of fairy tales, folklore and myth.

Here's the content line-up for this issue:

Fiction and Poetry:

Rapunzel Considers the Desert by Jeannine Hall Gailey
Harp by Alex Wilson
In the Ashes by Gerri Leen
Dahut’s Curse by Jennifer Lawrence
Basic Biology by Caren Gussoff
A Wolf’s Lament by M. Lynn Johnson
The Bear and the Bicycle by Catherine Knutsson
All Underneath the Eildon Tree by Joshua Gage
Connla mac Lia and the Kingship of Eriu by Amal El-Mohtar
The Courtship of Caoilte and Yvaine by Jessica P. Wick
Anthology by Sonya Taaffe
Faithful by Brittany Warren
Stone Flowers by Mike Allen
Envy by Grace Andreacchi
Cry Wolf by Adrienne J. Odasso

... and a whole lot of book reviews.

Cabinet des Fées is also planning on having more regular online content so, while not reverting to a blog, there will be new fairy tale content being added regularly to the site from now on.

They also have two journals in print and available for purchase (a third is currently in the works). Click on the covers to be taken to more information and purchase options.

Submissions for the next issue will re-open on October 1st (guidelines are HERE).

You can find the online journal HERE.

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