Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hans Christian Andersen & His Tin Soldier Manhole Cover

When you go someplace new, don't forget to look down...

Manhole cover in Copenhagen with an image of Hans Christian Andersen and his well known character the Brave Tin Soldier.
(Found HERE.)
Here's the full view:Note the fish about to swallow the soldier, the rat he escaped from in the sewers and the little paper boat.

I'm wondering if the elements of this story, particularly the gutters, sewers, a canal (water and waste) and is said to represent Andersen in his younger years, is the reason it was chosen as the design around his image.

Some of the most beautiful manhole covers in the world are in Japan. There is at least one of Momotaro (a.k.a. Peach Boy) who is a well known and loved folktale character. The one shown below is from Okayama City.

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