Saturday, September 12, 2009

Custom Fairy Tales

Once upon a time in the desert city of Yuma, Ariz., one young woman found a way to turn her passion into a business - and now she's on her way to a happy ending.

So begins an article at the about local woman Tricia Romant who is creating custom fairy tales for people. These aren't like the 'insert-your-name-here' tales and books we've seen in the past either. Tricia gathers information about the people she's writing the tales for and from there she writes a new and unique story.

From her website:
Creative Tales was created in order to serve a need. We take your stories and memories and create a fairy tale based on your life. It is our goal to give our consumers a gift that they can pass down in their family that will live on long beyond their time.
You can read the rest of the Yuma Sun article HERE, which also has a lot of information about her process and options or you can see how to order your own custom fairy tale and/or read some of the ones she's already created HERE.

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