Thursday, September 24, 2009

Glass Slippers For Sale...

... for real!

I have to say my first thought is: OW! My feet hurt just looking at these. Did some poor model actually have to wear these? Or worse, walk in these?! You'd want to make REALLY sure they were what you wanted before pulling out the credit card/kid's college fund/life savings/etc. I'm guessing they're final sale sort of items...Here are some great comments (out of many!) from the post where I found these - they make you think again about the story (at least the version with the "glass slipper" anyway):
I want some! Only thing is, I'd end up tripping, falling, and end up with awful bloody feet with a doctor picking the glass out of my foot.
... these shoes of course are a blister's best friend...
I have a horrible image in my mind of someone trying to wear these and the glass heel going straight into their foot.
... (all that money)... and then you kick something...
I think you would need some hot toes/feet to pull off glass slippers. Cinderella didn't have bunions, yo.
Available at Maison Martin Margiela* stores in Hong Kong (possibly elsewhere, too). HK$9,899 each.

Yes - EACH!

Did you really think Cindy's slippers would come as a pair?

Looks like you opt for either a daily dust & windex or a painful evening ending with a date with a doctor... Ah-ha! I just discovered our heroine's back-up plan!

Found HERE along with the quoted comments and more to boot. (He he!)

* Martin Margiela is a Belgium designer, who’s made a name for himself by creating some really edgy, avant-garde shoes that push the envelope for shoe design. His three stores all appear to be in Hong Kong, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear this particular design gets a wider distribution...


  1. Had they been glass boots or glass high-tops, then they might be able to be used as nifty vases.

  2. Omg.. those comments are terrible, but so true...
    It made my go 'ouch' when I saw those glass shoes. Auch, again.

    Auch, auch and auch. I'd wear them just to end in a hospital and tell a story about the evil glass slipper. Mhm...

  3. They weren't meant to be worn.

  4. They're so beautiful sadly its only a fariy tale :(

  5. They look beutiful on the outside but not in the inside.