Monday, September 28, 2009

More Displays For "The Princess and the Frog"

This time the display is inside the Feature Animation Studios in Burbank, CA. The pictures were kindly taken and shared by for those of us who don't have the opportunity to go see them in person.

Being a sucker for maquettes I'm showing you those as well as some other unique things that caught my eye but there's much more to look at HERE.

I can't think of another Disney fairy tale film that references an actual fairy tale, let alone the fairy tale the film itself is based on, (the prince, in frog form, points to a fairy tale book - shown below - with a lovely illustrated version of the traditional story of the frog prince) so I believe this is a first. (Disney's Beauty and the Beast has Belle reading a fairy tale by the village fountain as she sings to the sheep but it's not "Beauty and the Beast".)
The maquettes (three dimensional models created specifically for - and used by - animators during the animation process, so they can see what the model looks like from any angle they need to). Glaring omissions from this display are the frog maquettes for both Naveen and Tiana. The little guy Tiana-in-princess-mode is holding below, isn't a very useful model, as far as I can tell.
Dr. Facilier's lair.
And a frog prince puppet.(Although having a maquette would be really nice, I'd be more than happy with this little guy.)

Want to see more? Click HERE to go to the photo gallery at

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