Tuesday, September 27, 2016

We're Curious About "The Curiosity"!

And you should be too, especially after seeing this trailer that was released just one week ago #selkies! It's an independent film done by a very experienced movie maker and crew.
Take a look:
The elevator description? A tale of shapeshifting mermaids and teslapunk magicians. From writer/director Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim) & starring Caroline Ford (Once Upon a Time).

Yes - that's right. Not just shape shifting mermaids (aka selkies, because apparently a lot of people still do't know what a selkie is) but TESLAPUNK!

Why is this not on everyone's radar? (And why does this not have a distributor yet?)

There's tantalizing concept and development art from the director's Tumblr and Twitter.
Click to enlarge

Fauna concept for part of the magical world of The Curiosity

A selkie is a faerie creature from Scottish lore who appears to be a seal in the water but can go about as a human on land. This is an abstract little selkie drawing I did as a first read-through gift for Caroline Ford, the first one to sign up for this madness I’m calling The Curiosity.

There's no distributor or release date yet for this film though it is, at last (after a long process) complete.

Here's a note from the director about what we can expect:
Thanks for your excitement! I can assure you that The Curiosity is pretty overtly about Spindle from the start. It’s very much told from her POV. It’s also a somewhat smaller story than Pacific Rim. It’s set in a rather fanciful world, but the stakes are much more grounded and intimate than you’d find in a summer studio release. It’s quite like a folktale in that respect, and more of a scale akin to something like The Prestige or Pan’s Labyrinth. That is to say — an atmospheric, character-driven genre piece. And I’d want the marketing to reflect that. Fortunately, it was independently financed and I still control it, so I have a lot of freedom to pursue the options that make the most sense for it. It may even turn out that we look at what we have and decide it’s half of a first episode for a series. That’s certainly a realistic possibility. But whatever happens, you’re going to see this thing in some form or another. Bottom line is that it’s a passion project, it’s about her, and I’m not going to put it anywhere that won’t do that justice.
All involved seemed very caught up in the magic and fairy tale of the film, despite being part of the process. It bodes well for when we can finally watch this!

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  1. I saw some noise about this on twitter. Excited for this to happen!