Monday, March 24, 2014

"Evil Is Complicated" (Maleficent Update)

Fan made poster by Silviya Stoyanova Carrier
I found all these random little things regarding Maleficent this past week and decided I might as well just put them together in one post.

The first is a Twitter comment, not at all related to Maleficent but I thought illustrated the direction this movie has taken really well. They say when you write for an evil character the best way to make them genuine is for them to believe they are really the (unsung/misunderstood) hero.
Then there's the most recent trailer, released last Thursday, which dovetails well with this sentiment. It's titled "Evil Is Complicated":
The day immediately after, these gifs (that I still can't find the source for) surfaced:
I found an alternate set of gifs that show the context better, though they're not as pretty:
That cottage... definitely channeling the Disney the fairies hidden cottage, though Maleficent clearly didn't take sixteen years to find this one.

And yes, I'll keep hunting for actual footage, with sound, of this scene.. (though if you have better google-fu than I today and find it first, please do share the link with us all in the comments below!)

In an interesting turn of my brain, the baby smiling at Maleficent's words (whatever they happened to be), reminded me of Godfather Death and how the godson was never afraid of his unusual godparent, despite that he was the ultimate fear of most of the world.

It makes for an interesting set of questions, regarding how much the people who watched over you when you were small, ultimately ended up influencing you, especially as you didn't realize who - or what - they were. This is a theme you find quite a bit in fairy tales. The godchild either turns out to be truly special because of they way they see a situation (and act in it) OR they reveal a warped psyche no one could have predicted and turn out to be some kind of monster. More than that, their 'monster' is a truly scary one since they believe themselves to be the only one who sees things the way they really are and does "what needs to be done".
Fan made poster by Peter Gilbert
I have to say, we're being shown an awful lot of this movie. I do hope there are some real surprises left for us (and that they're GOOD surprises). How are you feeling about all the reveals?


  1. I wonder if they're trying to get their audience back by triggering them with actual content all they way until the theatrical release and getting them interested again that way.
    Because over at the boards of the imdb people seem to be hugely dissappointed at how much of the story from the animated movie was changed... dialogue and all.

  2. I've been excited about this movie since I saw the first trailer. I think it was when we went to Frozen. It comes out in May so I've joked with my husband I want to go as a late birthday present. But I do want to see this movie. It looks interesting.

  3. i found that is Maleficent Japan Trailer

  4. Search at Google for Japanese Maleficent trailer xD

  5. I think the gifs are from the newly released Japanese trailer: