Sunday, March 2, 2014

2014 Oscars Pay Tribute to 'The Wizard of Oz'

We knew it would happen but we weren't sure what was the big secret plan was for the tribute moment. Thankfully, it turned out to be elegant and heartfelt.

Simply and sentimentally introduced by Whoopi Goldberg (who lifted her skirts to show her ruby high heeled slipper and striped stockings), a beautifully edited montage of scenes from MGM's Wizard of Oz played on a large screen behind Pink, who gave possibly the best performance of the evening, singing Over the Rainbow. The star studded audience, complete with the reunion of Judy Garland's three children, thought so too, quickly giving Pink a standing ovation after her last notes. Alecia Moore (aka Pink) gave the song her own phrasing and a more sombre, slightly sad, retrospective emphasis to the interpretation, which the audience clearly felt too. If you missed it and have any feeling for The Wizard of Oz - book, film or both -  you'll want to take time to watch this. It's nothing fancy, just beautiful:
Afterward we were treated to host Ellen DeGeneres in her Glinda the Good Witch get-up which was a light and lovely bubble of 'pink love' to button up the moment with. All, in all, it was unexpectedly grounded while still sentimental. We applaud it.

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