Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dragon! (aka Maleficent Trailer #3 - the Full Version)

Do I really need to add anything else?

Here you go:
My first impression: this dragon is WAAAAY better than OUAT's dragon (thank the Universe!). And it was ridiculously satisfying seeing the silly fairies get, well, 'flipped off' Maleficent-style.

More please. :)

Also, especially for those super-psyched about this latest peek, you MAY be able to see more tonight. From the official Facebook page:
Tonight, don't miss an exclusive look at Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie 8|7c on Pretty Little Liars


  1. Does my eyes decieve me or Maleficent´s raven is the one turning into the Dragon?

    1. Yup - 'tis the raven. BUT Maleficent's plumage does look particularly raven-y when she has wings so maybe she has three forms? I don't know. She definitely has a raven servant as well. (Pet raven-drgaon? Yes please!)

    2. *raven-dragon* not raven-drgaon (sheesh!)