Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fashion: Kate Upton's Modern Beauty Likes Her Beast

Clearly inspired by Cocteau (and Gans' latest offering), model Kate Upton (most recently known for her gravity-defying -literally- Sports Illustrated shoot), models a modern, and much more covered up, Beauty for the 2014 CR (Carine Roitfeld) Fashion Book.

What is with the corset business here? It just looks a little thrown together and has nothing approaching the level of art or storytelling out of a fairy tale themed Vogue shoot or the dark fairy tales shot by Tim Walker or Paolo Roversi. (Just my opinion.)

Apparently the groundbreaking thing here (apart from the amount of clothes she has on) is that this Beauty ends up liking her Beast in this 'photo story.'

While it doesn't feel particularly different or inspired to me I can't find other fashion shoots that have such a close concept to Cocteau's film either (the closest being the Drew Barrymore Vogue shoot from 2005, shot by Annie Leibovitz, which I prefer by a long shot), so perhaps I'm just spoiled by the many art, story, theater (and also cosplay) offerings, inspired by the same. I don't know. I see a lot of missed opportunities here, but then I'm not trying to sell clothes either.

Being very short on time today, I'm just going to put this out there for you to see now, enjoy the fact that Cocteau's Beauty is having a 'revival inspiration season', and get back to my regularly scheduled news tomorrow.

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