Friday, March 21, 2014

Exhibit: "Beware a Wolf in the Alley" by Red Grooms

I'm squeaking this in right before the exhibit finishes, I know but wanted to at least mention it before the end of the week.
Marlborough Broome Street
Red Grooms: Beware a Wolf in the Alley
February 19 - March 23, 2014.
 This particular exhibit is, essentially, two past works of art presented together in a new way. One is the 3D representation of a notorious alley he knew well 'back in the day', along with the characters populating it, and the second is a film his family made together, retelling a darker version of Red Riding Hood. The two are both juxtaposed and blended together, making the idea of an urban Red Riding Hood very concrete.

 The artist, Red Grooms, is known for his "sculptopictoramas" more than anything  which are essentially 3D sculptures blended with naive-like cartoony(ish) drawings and paintings. His style isn't one I'm drawn toward but I do love the work put into The Alley part of this. I can't find any footage of his family filmed version of a grim Red Riding Hood to show you but it seems to have been created with a similar sensibility (ie high/fine art isn't the objective - it's more experimental and hands on).

The press release is below in two parts, and I'm posting it in its entirety as the behind-the-scenes details are completely fascinating, even if the visuals don't immediately appeal to you.

For my part, I have no doubt seeing it in person would be quite an interesting feeling, and appropriate for the tale in many variant forms. I only wish the 30's-like children's illustrative style at the very end blended better with the Alley work. Even some used tires with flowers on top to sit on to watch the film would have made a good difference. It feels a little disjointed to me, with the palette not quite meshing as well, but then I'm only working with my response to photos and this is clearly supposed to be experienced.

I appreciate more the concepts behind the work and the manipulation of space,as well as the multi-media aspect, rather than the art on its own. But then I guess that's why modern art in particular is so subjective.

I can easily see, though, that this representation of our Little Red would definitely stay with people in the days, months and years to come after walking through the exhibit and that's a success as far as I'm concerned. :)

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