Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Promo Pic for Disney's Rapunzel

Most of you will have seen this by now but I feel I should post it anyway. An unnamed French magazine published this new pic from the Disney fairy tale feature currently in production and due for a November 2010 release.

Below is the largest version I could find of the image so you can click on it to view all the details and take a good look at the painterly style Glen Keane developed so the CG film will have more of a traditional look than most CG films.As you may have noticed the image has the French text from the magazine still on it (Raiponce is the French translation of Rapunzel).

And a little Princess and the Frog news: despite it's incredible popularity and rave reviews from all over, PatF hasn't earned anywhere near Disney's expectations in box office returns (remember, dollars from marketing products don't 'count', which still seems odd to me as it should be an indication of how much people want a piece of the movie/story/characters for themselves). What this means for future 2D animated Disney projects and future fairy tale films is yet to be determined. Either way, we'll be seeing Rapunzel at the end of next year.

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